Since our establishment, our goal at Deffect has been to decentralize and diversify the management of the Deffect Protocol. We have looked at several approaches and designs, and came up with one that we are proud to share: the Effects Protocol Administration (DEF) token


Deffect is a series of concepts of index effects, non-custodial decentralized money market protocol, Deffectnomics introduces a formalized path to decentralization and autonomy in trading and generating rewards.

Decentralized sharing economy platform transactions

Mining App

Mining App - a special platform of the Deffect ecosystem that allows users to mine DEF Token EASY and COMPLETELY FREE right on mobile devices. To start mining, users will download the Mining App on their phones, register an account and start taking attendance to mine DEF Token for free!

NFT marketplace

Securely buy and sell unique digital collectibles. Lowest transaction costs across all NFT markets guaranteed.


Deffect's NFT Marketplace platform allows users to freely create their own NFTs and can trade, buy, sell, and bid on their own or other users' NFT products


Liquidity refers to the degree to which any coin or token can be bought or sold in the market without greatly affecting its market price. Anyone can be a liquidity provider


The Farming on Deffect feature will provide the community with liquidity pools to stake reward assets with different durations and reward rates. This is a platform that allows customers to contribute assets (Stake) they own to farm tokens for free. The number of Bonus Tokens that can be collected per day will depend on the number of registered assets to the pool.


Deffect's DOTC platform is considered the world's first decentralized exchange market because of its outstanding features. To participate in the platform, users access the address, then connect the Tronlink wallet. The operation is extremely simple, the connection is easy and extremely fast.

Deffect Swap

Deffect Swap platform allows users to quickly liquidate DEF Tokens at any time. With easy connection to Tronlink wallet, users can swap DEF Token to USDT or swap. USDT to DEF Token easy and fast way, low transaction cost, and especially every transaction completed in just 3 seconds


* Deffect Dice is the first Blockchain game platform built on Deffect's ecosystem. With a simple but attractive gameplay, Dice game not only brings moments of relaxation and great entertainment, but also helps players increase the number of DEF Token bets "multiple times" by predicting The correct lucky number is between 0 and 99.


DKendo is a lottery game of self-selecting numbers developed by Deffect based on a model that has appeared before. However, in the Deffect ecosystem, DKendo has been given a new look and feature because it is a high-speed digital entertainment platform that applies superior Blockchain technology


Prediction is a fun and simple decentralized prediction market.


If you are holding a certain amount of DEF tokens. You have the right to vote for all products built on Deffect platform and earn a profit if that product is successfully voted.


Is the application of lending and credit on the decentralized effect of the deffect system ecosystem.