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A new concept is born “The Decentralized Effect” The perfect connection of the word decentralized and the Deffect effect best describes how decentralized platforms are dominating the financial market right now. We definiton the term Decentralized funding effects as Deffect. Or the perfect connection between Defi and effect. (D-effect) with the desire to create a new reproduction effect to increase transparency and fairness.

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Passion for cryptocurrency and decentralized technology

Growing Digital Assets On Defi and NFT

You can increase Def token, NFT Products, play games for profit

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Take advantage of us, to create a career for yourself


Build everything on decentralization


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Deffect gives me great feelings when experiencing its products
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I don't know how to describe how wonderful it is, but if you want to know about it, experience it now.
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Since our establishment, our goal at Deffect has been to decentralize and diversify the management of the Deffect Protocol. We have looked at several approaches and designs, and came up with one that we are proud to share: the Effects Protocol Administration (DEF) token.
Deffect's NFT Marketplace platform allows users to freely create their own NFTs and can trade, buy, sell, and bid on their own or other users' NFT products. With a friendly and easy-to-use interface, users connect to Tronlink wallet, create an account and can start minting the NFTs they want.
NFT games are Blockchain-based games that tokenize in-game assets, allowing players to collect them as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). With Deffect you can fully experience that fun on the game NFT TREASURE HUNTERS
Mining App - a special platform of the Deffect ecosystem that allows users to mine DEF Token EASY and COMPLETELY FREE right on mobile devices. To start mining, users will download the Mining App on their phones, register an account and start taking attendance to mine DEF Token for free!
You can make a profit for yourself by staking DEF tokens. Play entertaining tech games or engage with Deffect's NFT products.

Deffect is a series of concepts of index effects, non-custodial decentralized money market protocol, Deffectnomics introduces a formalized path to decentralization and autonomy in trading and generating rewards. Decentralized sharing economy platform transactions