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Deffect is a series of concepts of index effects, non-custodial decentralized money market protocol, Deffectnomics introduces a formalized path to decentralization and autonomy in trading and generating rewards.

Decentralized sharing economy platform transactions


Mining App

Mining App - a special platform of the Deffect ecosystem that allows users to mine DEF Token EASY and COMPLETELY FREE right on mobile devices. To start mining, users will download the Mining App on their phones, register an account and start taking attendance to mine DEF Token for free!

Mining App

NFT Market

Securely buy and sell unique digital collectibles. Lowest transaction costs across all NFT markets guaranteed.

NFT Market

How it works?

Build everything on decentralization

Decentralized non-custodial money market protocol.

Platform development on tron ​​network

With the trend of the global financial technology platform to bring to the community a range of benefits in the new business model.

Unlimited scalability

Allows you to link all apps on the same platform to get more profit.


Deffect is inspired by the growing recognition and spread of Defi's value, the growing capitalization shift from traditional markets to decentralized technology finance is driving up more and more capitalization. We firmly believe that, with a mindset based on the ”Butterfly effect”; with a butterfly flap In Brazil, it is possible to create a tornado in Africa, meaning a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state. A new concept is born “The Decentralized Effect”

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Unlimited profit from DeffZone Staking

Staking is the process of locking a participant's assets for a specific purpose. Currently, DeffZone is supporting participants to receive additional DEFF token profits from the staking platform.

DeffZone Staking is developed by the team in a completely new direction, focusing on maximizing investors' interests when they can be proactive with the desired assets and profits. A pre-established DEFF token generation mechanism based on a fair formula for all members. Profit will be calculated based on total lock time and previous amount of DEFF token put in, there is no limit to the number of DEFF token received. The team wants to create a platform that promotes contributions from members towards the sustainable value and long-term roadmap of the project.

NFT is an important part of Metaverse

Metaverse - the digital universe is emerging as a method helping people connect with friends, work, travel, buy service goods and participate in events. With exploited potential, the digital universe can become a million USD industry in the near future. By connecting Mataverse and NFT, the whole real world can be demonstrated and interact through the digital world. All experiences are also numbered to NFT, express individuality, and turn them into commodity transactions on the market and integrate into Blockchain space.  

Deffect is preparing for the future based on Metaverse, optimally experienced through NFT, and expanding the social network. This will be realized in the next NFT update in the upcoming time.

NFT games are heading to the Metaverse

In the context that the Covid pandemic still no sign of decline, being able to meet and interact with others has become a "luxury", now a new topic is being mentioned not only in the Crypto community but also in many other fields it is the Metaverse - the digital universe. In this world, communities can connect to build a virtual reality society simulated by NFTs. Participants will experience authenticity and can feed themselves like some NFT games are operating, people can trade NFT items or keep them as a form of collectible without having to worry about their value, which will be guaranteed even to increase over time by uniqueness and scarcity.

This is also one of the long-term orientations when developing the NFT of Deffect. Deffect will simulate a real-world with Metaverse concept, players will still have rich social experiences, adventure, and spend their whole lives on Blockchain.

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